Joanna Venditti

Joanna is no stranger to what it’s like to lose yourself once you become a parent. In 2013 she first launched her blog and eventually her Youtube channel to inspire other families who strive to dig themselves out of survival mode and rediscover themselves. Joanna brings her engaged community on the honest and inspiring journey with her as she navigates building her career as a soon-to-be Realtor, a Content Creator and as a busy, solo parent to her four kids (including twins). While sharing her healthy and active lifestyle, affordable fashion ideas and creating a beautiful and organized home through the lens as a mom-of-four, she also shares her life hacks and how she juggles it all. In 2019 Joanna was named Cira's number one Canadian parenting blogger and was named Youtube’s ‘Creator on the Rise’ in 2017. With a big dynamic family, a full-time career and everything in between, this is her Nesting Story.

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