Justin Hartman

Justin Hartman believes the key to fully living is embracing the adventure.. An avid traveller, he jumps at the chance to immerse himself in new cultures and experiences. But, he's never shocked to see that some of the most inspiring paths begin close to home. Justin can be regularly seen at venue openings and exciting brand launches. Expressing a flair for fashion, Justin is always eager to show off a fresh look. And, he's energized by sharing what he's learned, giving Torontonians a sneak-peek into what’s next and happening. With a growing passion for nature and biodiversity, you'll also find Justin exploring in a wildly different way. He'll never pass up a chance to hike a steep, scenic trail. And in the kitchen, the seed to table nurture of nature is alive and well. His garden of fresh produce is always enviable. A connoisseur of good greens, Justin knows how to get his audience actively involved and equally passionate about living a more sustainable life. Justin is excited to share with you how to make the most of a night on the town, a day trip to the countryside, or an adventure to the other side of the world.

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