Lyn Allure

Lyn's Youtube channel caters to ambitious, millennial women looking to design, plan, and execute their dream life. Her channel primarily consists of lifestyle, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and personal development content. After obtaining a degree in business finance, and an accreditation in Accounting, Lyn left her 9-5 corporate career to run a combination of successful online businesses and is currently on a mission to help other millennials unlock that same financial freedom. Lyn is also the founder and CEO of the Good Girls Gone Boss brand, which focuses on providing female entrepreneurs with learning materials, financial planning resources, business coaching, as well as access to an engaged, private community of like-minded bosses. It's the ultimate one-stop shop for Good Girls Going Boss worldwide! When she is not creating content, running her online businesses, or guest speaking at different events, you can probably find Lyn devouring cupcakes or obsessing over pink sunsets.

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