“I don’t think I could have come so far in my career so quickly without Kin Community. They are the only partner I would ever even consider signing with. Because the talent roster is carefully selected and is so small, each and every member on the team at Kin is invested in my content. They all want what’s best for me and my channel and are always available whenever I need them. They really are my work family, in a job that can be so isolating”. 

- Alexandra Gater

When I collaborate on a project I look for some key qualities in a partnership: creativity, ability, passion, compassion and relentless work ethic. If I can find 1 or 2 of those qualities in a team it’s a win. The amazing people that are at the core of Kin Canada show up to every single project with all five of these qualities every single time. It’s not their job it’s who they are and THAT is what separates them from everyone else in the digital landscape.

- Matt Basile (aka. Fidel Gastro)

I started working with Kin Community right when I started my YouTube channels. I dreamed of a comfortable, friendly, super supportive, and equal partnership with an MCN but I wasn’t sure one existed that could be this perfect. Well Kin Community is that MCN and I’m so thankful they believed in me and wanted to be part of this adventure!

- Lauren Toyota, hotforfoodblog

We aren’t just building a YouTube channel, we’re building a successful multi-platform experience and Kin gets that! They allow us to be completely creative and inspired in making our content, while bringing forward great opportunities to work with brands and fantastic support, encouragement and industry insight along the way.

- How To Cake It

Every creator and channel is unique, and from our first meeting with Kin I felt that the team took the time to understand my channel and the things that are important to me and to my audience. I look forward to continuing to grow my channel within the Kin Community and to developing some really exciting new content together!

- RachhLoves

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